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Iris Gummies



Introducing Our Timed Release and 2-Way Delivery System (TM).

Iris Gummies started back in 2010 making gummies from scratch. It's not that much different today! What would be the point for our customers to take a hemp supplement filled with sugar and GMO’S? That's exactly why Iris stands out from its competitors by making superior products from scratch.
We know that making healthy food choices and taking the right supplements gives you energy and keeps you disease free. When shopping at IRIS our customers will always get a product that contains full spectrum hemp oil, Natural and Organic ingredients a combination of both real food and exceptional supplements.

Timed Release – Our gummies are formulated to release a steady stream of hemp into your system over a certain period of time, releasing the active ingredient slowly until it reaches the small intestine and becoming fully activated.
2-Way Delivery System – With our proprietary formula we are able to infuse our gummies while in the making as well as coat our gummies through the surface thereby feeling the hemp effect almost instantaneously.  The advantage of infused gummies gives you a long lasting effect and full bioavailability making hemp fully absorbed by the body so you may receive its full benefits.

IRIS- Improving lifestyles through wholesome edibles



Natural Energy Source

Antioxidant Powderhouse

Sleep Promoter

Healthy Weight Management

Diabetes Aid

Natural Cough Syrup

Available Honey Gummies

Our Honey Gummies are available in 3mg and 6mg Cubes, as well as 60mg Gummy Bears.